How to Know Your Car’s Tire Size

With increasing numbers of car owners in Gold Coast, it is clear that companies dealing in car accessories are on the rise as well. For example, it is now common to find a good number of dealers of budget tyres in Gold Coast has to offer.

Unfortunately, for many car owners, selecting the right tires for their cars is a daunting task. This happens many times because many car owners do not know the size of their car tires. With adequate knowledge about the size of your car tire, you can simply approach a reliable dealer and choose what you want. For instance, in Gold Coast, you can approach a reliable dealer for budget tyres Gold Coast has to offer.

After reading this article, buying tires in Gold Coast will not be a problem again. You are just about to learn how you can determine the wheel size of your car, which can save you a great deal of time when it is time to replace your current set of tires.

First off, it is important to know the original tire size of your vehicle. The information regarding the wheel size is available on the owner’s manual that accompanies the vehicle at the time of purchase. Alternatively, you can get the information on the tire label or on the sidewalls.

What are you looking for?

The tire width, which is a 3-digit number, is usually written in millimeters. You also need to understand the aspect ratio, which is the comparison between tire height and tire width. The letter “R” usually found on the tire denotes the tire’s radial construction and relates to the carcass plies of the tire. The carcass plies run from one lip of the tire to another to make the tire stable, flexible, comfortable, and strong.

You should also be able to identify the diameter of the wheel and its load index. The load index denotes the amount of load that the wheel can carry under full pressure. When buying a tire for your car, you should check this so you don’t buy a tire with a lower load index.

Similarly, you need to know your car’s top speed, which is the maximum speed it can go. The speed ranges are usually from the lowest to the highest. Letter Q denotes the lowest speed while letter Z denotes the highest. When you replace tires, it is advisable to go for the same ratings as the original tire or for higher ratings.

Types of car tires

Touring tires: these types of tires are ideal for those who want to ride smoothly and quietly. They allow for better performance handling.

High-performance tires: these tires are suitable for competition cars. They allow for better handling for those driving at higher speeds. They come with a softer rubber compound that improves their grip, especially when negotiating a corner at high speed.

Light truck tires: these are meant for small and medium pickup trucks in off-road driving. On the list are also heavy commercial tires, ideal for heavy-duty trucks. They can withstand regular wear and tear.

Armed with this information, you can select the right tire size for your vehicle. In Gold Coast, you can find the right tire for your car from reliable suppliers for Budget Tyres Gold Coast has to offer.

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