Improve your Mobility even with Disability

Family time is one of the most important aspects of a family’s life. This includes the time spent traveling or moving from one place to another. But this can be challenging especially if a member of the family has a disability, since it is hard to fit a wheelchair and other disability equipment in a normal vehicle. If your vehicle is not wheelchair compatible, you can try out wheelchair vehicle hire Brisbane has today. But before doing so, there are a few things you need to know.

Wheelchair Vehicle Hire Brisbane

1. Factors to consider when hiring a wheelchair vehicle

The fact that it is a wheelchair vehicle does not necessarily mean the person with mobility challenges will always be the passenger. If he is in a position to drive, you need to consider this. If the severity of the disability hinders a lot of movement, you need to consider getting a lift as well. You may need to get restraints just to keep the wheelchair and the passenger in a fixed position whenever the vehicle is moving.

A driver with a disability will not need restraints as he will be traveling in the driver’s seat. These are a few factors to look into as they will ensure you get the best deal as you engage in a wheelchair vehicle hire Brisbane offers as you enjoy the services.

2. Services provided by Brisbane wheelchair vehicle hire companies

• Customized vehicle modifications

Disability should not be a hindrance to mobility as even the disabled should enjoy the right to movement. The companies dealing with wheelchair vehicle hire Brisbane has today offer customized vehicle modifications, which ensure that you enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer. This service is not just available for individuals, but families and community groups as well. You can enjoy services such as personnel transfer aids, wheelchair loaders and hoists, wheelchair restraints, low floor conversions, specialized seating and customized vehicle builds.

• Mobility, family and commercial products

Options for wheelchair vehicle hire may be categorized into three groups, namely mobility, family and commercial products. Mobility products include transfer aids such as Milford person lift and swivel seat, driving aids such as left foot accelerator and hand controls among others.

Commercial products entail products that are used for customized commercial vehicles. You can get shelves, cargo drawers, van seats, reversing aids, nudge bars and cargo barriers. Most of these products are aimed at ensuring your commercial vehicle is transformed into a practical workshop that will improve your efficiency.

Family products are aimed at helping you transport more people fast, but not at the expense of safety. Products such as child seats and child anchor help you handle this with ease. These products are available in a wide range that will fit a wide variety of vehicles.

There are many companies that deal with wheelchair vehicle hire in Brisbane, but if you are looking for quality and excellence, then Auto Extra is a place you can start with. Visit the office along Butterfield St Herston QLD 4006 or visit the website and browse the range of products and services offered.

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