Exploring the Role and Duties of an Automotive Service Manager

A lot of dealerships consider an automotive service manager to play an integral part within their business. These professionals are charged with the role of mediating between clients and service staff to ensure for instance that their customers receive the best Jeep Service Brisbane has to offer. As well, they are responsible for performing other […]

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Windscreen Fitting Service

Today, many high-tech vehicle safety features are mushrooming in the UK market. But as a principle of automotive safety measurements, adding a safety feature such as an Advance Driver-assistance Systems (ADAS) may work effectively but that isn’t always going to cut it—it’s definitely imperative to scrutinize the most basic but crucial components of your car […]

Citroen – a steady march towards popularity

With the continued increase in the demand for cars and other types of vehicles, the automobile industry remains as one of the fast-growing ventures. At the same time, with so many manufacturers introducing numerous featured vehicles, the automobile industry is fraught with intense competition. Despite such intense competition, c4 Cactus model among the Citroen cars […]